About Gerona's Gift

Here at Gerona's Gift our aim is to support you in reaching your goals by using your very own sunflower to build along the journey and keep you motivated without losing sight of the end goal


Your sunflower comes delivered in sections for you to put together as you reach milestones in your journey. Once you reach smaller accomplishments you then put a piece of the sunflower together. This way you get to see your sunflower grow as a visual representation to show how far you have come and reward yourself for all those steps along the way.

Once you reach your destination, you will have built a beautiful sunflower to keep forever!


Set your goal - Plan your steps - Build your sunflower


* Do you have a wish list, a dream or a goal?

* Have you ever set a goal and lost motivation along the way, or maybe reached it but then went backwards?

* Do you need encouragement and support to keep going?

Or maybe you know someone who might need the support for any of the above