About Gerona's Gift

 Here at Gerona's Gift our aim is to educate and equip you with all the tools you need to really reach your goal.

 We understand that goals can be difficult, they can be enduring and they can often be a challenging journey.

 We want to change that.

 To support you we have created a beautiful sunflower to build along your journey and compiled an ultimate support pack to keep you going.

 Your sunflower comes delivered to you in pieces. Our support pack will help you plan by making multiple steps towards your ultimate goal. As you reach each of your planned steps you put a piece of your sunflower together as a visual representation of your progress. This will reward you for reaching that step and help motivate you to continue on your journey.

 Our support pack will explain why and how it works so that you can really prepare yourself to reach that final goal.

 We hope you enjoy the reward of building your sunflower and making that journey towards your ultimate goal as fun as it can be.


Set your goal - Plan your steps - Build your sunflower


* Do you have a wish list, a dream or a goal?

* Have you ever set a goal and lost motivation along the way, or maybe reached it but then went backwards?

* Do you need encouragement and support to keep going?

Or maybe you know someone who might need the support for any of the above