The Ultimate Support Pack

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Your Ultimate Support Pack has everything you need to get started. In this pack you will find:

A Sunflower

A Goal Setting Support Pack

26 x Motivational Cards

A Gerona's Gift Sunflower arrives to you beautifully wrapped up as a gift. The Sunflower is in a total of 29 pieces and it is designed to be built as a reward for reaching smaller steps towards your ultimate goal. 

Once you have set your goal and spent time planning your steps out, it is time to start building your Sunflower. Each time your reach a smaller step towards your goal, put a piece of your Sunflower together. This is a reward and a beautiful visual representation of your process until ultimately reaching your goal and completing your Sunflower. 

The Goal Setting Support Pack compliments your Sunflower.

In your interactive support pack you will find:

* Exercises to help train your brain

* Challenges - why they can benefit you

* Your ultimate goal setting planner and information

* YOUR PLAN - how to write your plan to reach your goal

* Motivational stickers

* Planners/Calendars

* Note pad


To add extra motivation, you have 26 motivational quotes to include with your Sunflower to help keep you on track.